Streit-TGA GmbH & Co.KG – Coordinator

Streit-TGA GmbH & Co.KG is a small enterprise that is specialized in the realization of test and inspection facilities. The service offering consists of technical consulting, plant design and implementation.
The company is realizing projects mainly associated with the aviation industries and technical building services. Due to a 30-years experience Streit has accumulated the knowledge to implement special and unique requests into practice. Flexibility and time efficiency during the implementation of novel and technically complex solutions is a key attribute of the company.


During the last few years Streit was involved in several national and international R&D projects, was FP6 „ICE“ project partner and is currently project partner of the „iSPACE“ FP7 project.

Some of the most important references are:

Role in the Project

Streit will bring in their expertise in adapting the test bench to the needs of the technology to be tested. At the same time they will bring in their experience in air conditioning systems, low pressure technology, refrigeration as well as in project management of complex projects.

temes Engineering GmbH – Partner

temes Engineering GmbH is an international approved supplier for converter system technology. Temes has been specializing in the field development, manufacture and sales of high-precision power systems. The major business fields are:

International companies like Siemens, Faveley, Eurocopter and large international research centres (e.g.) STFC in the UK count on Temes when innovative technology, quality, reliability and durability have priority.

Role in the Project

Temes will bring in their expertise on the field of developing and manufacturing electrical parts especially converters and power supplies. By their experience on the technological field of the more electrical aircraft they are the ideal partner to form the requirements that are needed for a test bench on that field.

Modelon GmbH – Partner

The activities of Modelon GmbH are the development of system simulation software tools, among others especially in the field of air conditioning and cooling systems, and according consultancy and engineering work. The AirConditioning Library, one of the main products of Modelon, is a standard for the simulation of air conditioning systems in the automotive and aerospace industry.
Modelon GmbH has been founded as limited company in February 2009, being owned to 55% by the founder and CEO Johannes Gerl and to 45% by the Swedish company Modelon AB that operates a similar business case in the Scandinavian market. The company is located at Gilching (head quarter) and München. The number of staff is 20.
Customers of Modelon GmbH are automotive OEMs and suppliers, aerospace and general machinery companies.

Role in the Project

Modelon will bring in their expertise in the field of modelling complex solutions for air conditioning systems and cooling systems. With their comprehensive modelling library they will be able to simulate different possible solutions that will be developed during WP1 and WP2. They will be critically reviewing and modelling planning decisions for the later implementation of the test equipment.